“The truth is most bad user experiences are caused because companies are confused. They don’t have their goals clearly articulated and as a result, can’t make decisions.”

“The simple truth is that in order to become good, you have to be obsessed.” Yngwie Malmsteen for Guitar World

“As many have learned to their peril, it’s not simply a case of just dumping talent in a room full of Ikea furniture. In large companies you have to design the process that creates design.” Des Traynor on Intercom.io Blog

“Why was there this strange gap in the market that we were able to move into? The gap was created by mobile devices themselves. It’s very natural when a new platform comes along to expect behavior to work as it did in the old platform, which means, for a smartphone, take a desktop email client and jam it down into the mobile device, because that’s all you know. (…) It’s taken us a while to figure that out and understand it, and that creates a design opportunity for a different kind of tool.” Gentry Underwood (Mailbox CEO & co-founder) in an interview for Wired.com

“If you analyse the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.” Ferdinand Alexander Porsche

“In order to be an effective designer you must learn how to work with all parties associated with the organization—ranging from managers and stakeholders to developers and other fellow designers. Make an effort to educate yourself about their ways and goals and help them have a clear a understanding about your role as a designer. Develop and maintain good relations. Be transparent in all you do, use relevant metrics and prove yourself with the best results.” Mariusz Wozniak on ”More Tips from UX Designers to UX Designers" ;)

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